Saturday, 28 March 2015

Ireland part 2

After a few days in Dublin we headed out west. We visited Cashel Rock which was in an amazing state of decay. The guides were incredible and we learned so much. None of us could quite make our hands meet around the totem that assures you will never have another tooth ache so we all have to keep looking after our teeth. I must admit we added this to our itinerary so we could sing It's a Long Way to Tipperary but we really enjoyed the visit too.

The country side is amazing and green. Even though it was July it was still chilly (by Aussie standards) but the sunshine was lovely.

If you look closely in the photo above you can see the bishop's walkway just under the 3 windows. It is designed so he could walk around without being seen, unless he wanted to and then he could be above the parishioners. Behind (on the town side) the castle there is an extensive grave yard. Until recently if you had a relative buried here in the graveyard you had the right to be buried here too.

Wow it was awesome and imposing!

More Ireland next time.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Latest mini

I've already experimented with 9 sized silk, six strand cotton floss, 12 sized perle cotton and the like and still felt it wasn't quite right for my mini Temari making. So I purchased some 16 sized silk thread from Japan recently to use on these minis.

This one is a S10, I was tinkering with the idea of doing another S16 but somehow I distracted myself and ended up with this division. I actually think this may be the right size thread for this size Temari. It is easy to forget these are tiny Temari. What do you think?

I put the second photo in for perspective, it is sitting next to one of my spoon rings. Did I mention the spoon ring before? I love it, and purchased it from Etsy late last year. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Seeing stars

I've been playing with stars again lately and because this one was badly marked it has wonky stars which remind me of the meteor that streaked across our sky before it allegedly hit somewhere in WA last week.

This one is a small regular sized temari. I wrapped it in bright golden yellow and added some fine Indian metal threads to the top layer. The stitching has been done in royal blue and the stars outlined in gold cotton thread.

Seriously bad marking on this one, I will try it again with a more accurately marked base. It did turn out very sparkly.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The event that consumed 2014

I noticed at the beginning of this year that I did not post last year. NOT EVEN ONCE! Oops, but I spent the first half of the year planning a family holiday which we took over 5 weeks during July/August and the second half of the year recovering from it. LOL

We visited a lot of places in Europe, the UK and Ireland but although we saw and did so many things we barely scratched the surface.

I am going to post a few moments from our trip over the next few months. Hope you don't mind... actually hope you enjoy seeing these posts.

We travelled from Perth, stopping at Doha and Frankfurt, to Dublin.

I remember the flights were long!

We forget how far away we are in Australia until we decide to travel to the Northern Hemisphere. We flew with Qatar Airlines to Frankfurt where we got lost in the airport and somehow managed to get out of the transit lounge which meant I got a very intense pat down in the middle of the airport while going back to board the plane. Not sure what warranted it but let's say there wasn't much that was left un-felt. Ick what a violation of my rights!!

We flew Air Lingus to Ireland and the thing that struck me the most was how truly green the land was as we first saw it. Well it is the Emerald Isle after all but I still didn't expect the green to be so green.

We took a Green Bus Tour and hopped on and off around the city over two days. Some of the drivers we absolutely hilarious as they gave live commentary including on occasion commenting on the crazy traffic conditions. We stopped by to visit Oscar Wilde (his statue anyway) and the Little Dublin Museum. The men went to Temple Bar.

I really loved the afternoon we spent at Dublinia where we got to experience the long history of Ireland, Vikings, Middle Ages and more were all exhibited in interactive displays.  Of course no trip to Dublin could be complete without including a visit to the Guinness Storehouse (where I couldn't bring myself to drink more than a sip of my pint).

The pint I couldn't drink, another in our group was so happy!

More of Ireland next time.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Its a wrap!

One  of the things I like most about Temari making is that the design possibilities are endless. Even using the same technique yields different results by simply making changes in number of rows used or colour selection.

I like wrapped bands temari patterns, and it has one of the easier to remember technique names in Japanese - maki. Just think hand rolled (wrapped) sushi. Mmm now I want Japanese food for lunch.
No seriously, I want Japanese food now!!

Image from

This style of temari works up quickly too, so you get to see your efforts produce results pretty quickly. Another reason to love wrapped bands, many designs look like nothing for a good while before finally coming together near the end of stitching.

Here are a few I've done recently, in Diana Vandervoort's 1st book this pattern is called wishing papers but I have heard it described as sheaths of rice elsewhere so not sure of the actual correct name. These have the thread pass the equator and the growing bundle of threads are kept tamed by two pins placed there. I've seen it done on S8 but these ones are S6.  The Temari at the back is in seven rainbow colours (did you spot that already?) and looks far more busy than the front one which has 3 sets of colours in 3 shades (9 colours altogether).

I wonder what it would look like on S10? I think I might try that soon.